Field Enhancement

“A range of innovative tools that has been designed to improve the productivity of each and every employee by monitoring their field work and their contribution towards company’s growth and Sales”.

Education Management

“Education and technology are immersed with each other. Digitalization in educational sectors ensures the growth and improvement in the technology. Gage is specially designed to manage your educational institutions in all aspects from Administration to academics".

Live Status Vehicle

“A range of innovative tool that has been designed with the aim of providing state of the art solutions to assist the organizations with their transportation related surveillance, security and safety needs.”



For converting your traditional way of managing to digitalization.


your organization to implement the productivity tool.


and run your plan with increased productivity using our tool.


Accelerate your growth with improved analysis&new strategies.


Succeed your Goal – Your Success is our Success.

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Sales Enhancement Planner

Compare your company’s sales growth and improvement in a single screen. View top fast moving products, top sales covered area with Pincode and top customers as pie-chart.Product Life Cycle management.

Field Enhancement Planner

Field force Automation (FFA) become mandatory in the existing technical world to manage the sales executives and to maintain your prospects. Field force automation makes easier to manage number of Executives and Managers at the same time and gives you the detailed report of their day to day work.

Education Management Software

Education and technology are immersed with each other,Implementing technology in institutions ensures the growth and improvement in the technology.Gage is designed to manage your School with updated technology to fulfill your needs in all prospects from Administration, Accounts, transportation to academics,Student Management,Staff management.

Live Statue Vehicle Tracking

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Field Enhancement Planner

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  • “Innovative Software’s has been designed to transform the power of Technology into measurable Competitive Advantages through Collaboration, Innovation and Excellence and become one of the world's foremost Technology Mic & Mac Solutions provider there by delivering value to our customer’s world wide".

Who We Are?

  • Micandmac solutions is a specialized provider of software services and solutions for process automation to all Industries. We are a full service provider, offering products, custom application development, testing, operations support etc. We also offer resource augmentation services, both onsite and offshore to our clients. Our solutions are a combination of domain knowledge and technical expertise.
  • Micandmac solutions is a comprehensive IT solution company designed to streamline and integrate business processes within organizations. We specialize in application integration, web development, web-enabled solutions, groupware solutions, mobile solutions, and business process consulting to help build secure intranet, extranet, and internet business applications.
  • Our competence and experience ensure that we deliver excellent services and products to our customers across globe. At every stage of the development process, from conceptual design to product release, the highest quality standards are maintained. With our extensive communication facilities, we provide 24/7 services to our clients across the globe.
  • Micandmac has a team of more than 20 Engineers in Chennai, India working on multiple projects, multiple domains with expertise in two major areas.