Sales Enhancement Planner


Sales Enhancement Planner

“Sales Enhancement Planner  (Performance Enhancing Software)   is a unique and first time in the pharmaceutical industry, which is Specialized and customized to Analyze, Plan and Implement & Evolute your sales strategies in an accurate way”.


"The Informative Dashboard – Single click Reports – In-depth Individual sales analysis – Mobile Application are Special features."



We call it as informative dashboard, it gives you.

  • Monthly sales Comparison bar graph
  • Pie Chart representation of Top 10 – Products, Area, Customers
  • List of Top Products, Area, Customers
  • Individual Product Life cycle Month wise bar graph

Dashboard gives you an overall sales performance analysis in single screen which fulfill your most informative need of your company.

Single Click Reports:

Our Software generates more than 10 different reports with the necessary data after refining your area wise statements.

  • Distributor wise individual report
  • Customer wise individual reports
  • Pin code wise individual reports
  • Product wise individual reports
  • Representative Pin code wise report
  • Representative Product wise report
  • Customer wise individual report
  • Product wise report
  • Representatives report
  • Customer wise report
  • Graphical Representative Report

All the reports can be exported as Excel and PDF Format directly from the software.


Mobile Application: “Move Informative”

We understand “your time is more precious” - No more wasting time in analyzing the sales reports, We give you  mobile application with our software which makes you move informative even in the field when you are in calls.

Mobile application gives you single click option to know

  • Month wise comparison Bar chats
  • Top List in Pie chart – Product, Area, Customers
  • Individual Product life cycle in Pie chart
  • Pin code wise product / Customer report
  • Representative Customer wise report

SEP Future Updates:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Return analysis
  • Representative daily reports with Sales analysis
  • Stock & Sales Automation

Who We Are?

  • Micandmac solutions is a specialized provider of software services and solutions for process automation to all Industries. We are a full service provider, offering products, custom application development, testing, operations support etc. We also offer resource augmentation services, both onsite and offshore to our clients. Our solutions are a combination of domain knowledge and technical expertise.
  • Micandmac solutions is a comprehensive IT solution company designed to streamline and integrate business processes within organizations. We specialize in application integration, web development, web-enabled solutions, groupware solutions, mobile solutions, and business process consulting to help build secure intranet, extranet, and internet business applications.
  • Our competence and experience ensure that we deliver excellent services and products to our customers across globe. At every stage of the development process, from conceptual design to product release, the highest quality standards are maintained. With our extensive communication facilities, we provide 24/7 services to our clients across the globe.
  • Micandmac has a team of more than 20 Engineers in Chennai, India working on multiple projects, multiple domains with expertise in two major areas.